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Monitor Liquid Chemicals In-Line, in Real Time.

Entegris – Jetalon makes fluid concentration monitors that provide accuracy, resolution, and response times previously unattainable on the factory floor. Our monitors measure concentration, temperature, and dew point inline, immediately, and continuously using digital signal processing. This technology is unique compared to conventional analyzers. Entegris – Jetalon products feature:

- Higher resolution and accuracy
- Seamless non-contact integration
- Minimal operating and maintenance costs
- Compact footprint

Entegris – Jetalon's products replace off-line analytical instrumentation, which is expensive to purchase and maintain, with higher-functionality and in-situ monitoring for a fraction of the price.


CR-288: All purpose liquid chemical concentration monitor

GS-88-VHP™: VHP concentration and dew point monitor
NX-148E: High-performance liquid chemical concentration monitor
SRSensor™ Refractive Index Sensor


We are pleased to announce that Jetalon has been acquired by Entegris, Inc., an established leader in sensing and control and other critical fluid handling technologies. Being a part of the Entegris team will give us access to the resources and footprint of a truly global company. Read more.

Entegris – Jetalon Concentration Monitors provide accuracy and response levels previously unattainable in fluid metrology.